Hi _________,

It seems as though things said while under the influence of alcohol don't transend to times when in better judgement. I'm not sure whether or not you even remember our last conversation, but the just of it has not held true. You said a lot of things that seemed genuine at the time, but actions do speak louder than words. You said that I had been a big part of your graduating year and that we "were" friends, that you wanted me to come to your graduation that you held me in the deepest regard. It seems as though those were just words... I'm not sure why you would not keep your promise to reiterate our conversation when better heads would prevail, that you would simply call me when you weren't drunk and ask me again. You said that it was difficult to ask, but I told you that I would come, all you had to do was ask. I hope that this can be resolved in one way or another, but I require you put forth an effort, to simply ask, that's all I want.

Patiently waiting,

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