he's drunk again and looking to score

I went out thursday night and got serously drunk and your flirting techniques are somewhat questionable but funny nonetheless. i say this cos i tried the same on some unsuspecting girl, turns out it doesnt work that well on women, although i attempted to reassure her that i just needed my "fix" from flirting with her, unsurprisingly that was the last i heard of her that evening. must be that reputation that the male has acquired.
told you, you should have stayed another night and not gone scampering off to vienna. i like that porcelain god image, havent heard that before. im not surprised that they didnt get your sense of humour, it is a very acquired taste!!
tell you something i found funny, half the bar were reminiscing about you on thursday night, you have become a legend, myth if you will, to the bar, needless to say they all say "hi".
just out of interest, since you are a vegetarian, do you eat fish?

yours sincerly


PS ive always wanted to finish off a letter with yours sincerly
PPS how about 2 boys and a girl for our kids?
PPPS I'll stop now

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