go away, dude.

i sent the package while i was single and i can't say i love you? what happened to the unconditional love you have for me? you just wouldn't say it once you're with someone? like sure i can understand how it might look shady but it really isn't, i jsut thought you would like those pictures. sorry i sent them i guess. i know i can contact you outside of aim i just didnt think you wanted me to contact you. if you must know, i didn't even know this girl while we were together. you can't say our relationship was bullshit, you were there i was there, it certainly wasn't bullshit while we were together and you know that. the time and effort we both put into it, you know it wasn't bullshit. i dunno where we stand now, cause since you deleted me off your online persona i thought that kinda meant you were done with me, cause i really didnt it think it was some big issue to be "friends" online haha. so i dunno where you're at it.

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