you're like sooo sarcastic

Yea.. I had to get drunk in order to be turned on by you.

I just love how u think guys are so into you... you think i was heart broken over you for this long!?!? You need to get over yourself *****.

Well maybe your ex Mark took forever getting over you. Mark who looks like a creepy pedophile and who had zero personality - sat in the corner like a pylon in social settings. Guy couldn't land another chick for years cuz he still lives with his parents! Real loser!

Then Brad never got over u cuz he's passed the point of no return. He's fucked his marriage and kids over - has to hold on to you to justify what he's done. Otherwise he's left holding his dick in his hand.

I on the other hand, am already dating a 25 yr old exotic skinny italian model - because i'm so heart broken over losing u.

But I can't hear you calling me a pathetic loser, because at the age of 29 I just financed a brand new Audi premium luxury sports car that goes fucking fast.

The loser pic of me below is the result of dropping 17 lbs of fat and gaining 4 lbs of muscle from the personal trainer i see 5 times a week. Because life doesn't go on after *****.

Oh well, glad Brad turns u on. I hope he still does when 40% of his pay goes to child support and alimony payments. Look on the bright side, he'll be saving with his car insurance from Grey Power in a couple years.

Have a nice life! you'll learn one day!

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