I think he already took some xanax

is it just me or are you up at weird hours of the night?
i am headed to a "punk night" in phnom penh-- wonder what it has in store for me. regardless, i have a pocket full of xanax that i picked up for $2.50, so the night should be okay. it's weird spending US currency here. in some ways it legitimizes everything, instead of spending "play money"-- as i have the past year with pounds and euros. on the other hand, it just reinforces the whole ex-pat situation which kind of sickens me. you meet these old white men who talk about this country like it's a play ground-- not a foreign culture and population. i really hate most ex-pats i meet, and avoid them in most situations. i met a shitty south african and an english guy in the border town and they disgusted me. today, i met a really nice guy from maine who really improved my perception. i guess it's situational. i am just not into sex tourism and 'the most american sub sandwich!'

i guess you do have a tendency to weird guys out. too bad.

i don't know what it is, but i love TO. except for nearly everyone i know being out of town, that trip i had there last summer was absolutely amazing. speaking of, when i was in prague 10 days ago (!?), i saw the same bands that i went to see that night i stayed with you in toronto. it was really great. same situation-- seeing my favorite metal/punk bands from backstage. (my life is retarded.)

okay, out for the night. <3

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