OF COURSE you are back together

no one is more surprised than i am at how things have played out. if you can see where i'm coming from then hopefully you will understand why i had to do what i did. it's been months since i first wrote you that note and told you how i felt, and other then saying you cared about me, there was no indication of any romantic or sexual feelings. you may recall that before we hooked up it was a couple months since that last came up.

i'm only human and things just became too much too soon for me. i had to hit the reset button. at no point while we were together did i think that we were any more likely to date, or be a couple or whatever, than we were before it happened. that's honestly the impression i had of our situation. which is why i'm surprised and bummed out that this has upset you like it has now that it's over. so now i'm finding out that you were really into things and were coming around to the idea of us being together.

when you think about it we've been friends for way longer than we've been lovers so i really believe that we can fall back into our previous routine, more or less.

though it won't be exaaactly the same. so, i have to tell you that **** and i are something again. this just happened yesterday. what i need for you to know is that my decision to end things with you was made entirely independent of what's happened with her. i can say to you with complete confidence that i still would have ended things with you regardless of her. i can't make you believe that though.

i'm sorry. there's no other way to put it. i never knew what it was like to be blown away by someone until i met you. you are incredible. i want to know you for the rest of my life.

inadequately yours,

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