the mission:

We are working on a book aptly titled "electronic male". Can you already see where this is going? That's right, we're asking that you send us your most shitty/honest/sad/hilarious e-mails that you have received from a guy at some point in your life. You know you have them. And we're betting you have a lot of them. Sadly, I do. But hey! Why not revisit painful relationships and find the humour? I do this all the time and I swear I ain't bitter at all. No, no, no...

What exactly are we looking for? Well, just about anything from a guy.
you can send us a trail of emails, one-liners, whatever! Who cares! We'll find a great place for them, we promise.

Here's one recent example:

My phone died while I was out and I didn't get your message, until later, I would have called you but once I heard your phone message, I decided not to call you back, because I knew all you wanted to do was yell at me, and I didn't feel like dealing with it, cause I'm tired of having you always pissed off at me about something, it brings me down.

That's the reason I didn't want you to come over any more, because maybe if we had some separation there wouldn't be all this drama and messiness between us. I can't take it anymore."

Please feel free to send anything and everything you have in your inbox and we promise your anonymity (we'll change any and all names and other recognizable details) if that's what you so desire.

We have had this idea for a while, but when a heaps load of e-mails that we had accumulated over the years had been deleted from our joint e-mail account we were left to start from scratch. And now we mean business.
What do you receive in return? Our sincere appreciation and a hilarious and entertaining book to follow. Sooner rather than later, we hope.

so, please send them to electronicmale@sympatico.ca and watch some of them magically appear on this site. Yes, we promise magic of humongous proportions! Ok not like David Copperfield magic, but you get it.
We can't wait to hear from you!
Alicia & Antonella a.k.a. the a team


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