Subject: Just a thought

"well, I just took a shower and began to think about your phone call. I basicaly feel that you were attempting to clarify your feelings. I am not sure what exactly you were tryng to say, other than "when we hang out, don't kiss me". Fair enough, but other than a couple of misplaced kisses- have I lead you to believe I was physically interested in you? I don't mean to sound harsh, but it seems like you are acting very extreame towards a couple of kisses. To me it seems you were not clarifying your feelings for my benefit, but for your own or someone elses. I think sometimes we push people away, to see how strong their convictions are. In otherwords, to see if they are worth our hard earned time and effort. I didn't mean to derail our friendship in any way, by any of my actions. I didn't mean for a bunch of kisses to make you shell up towards me. I am a pretty easy breezy guy, who enjoys relationships as they blossom. When I kissed you, I wanted to inject an once of chaos to keep life fresh. In a sense I was being selfish by thinking of my fun, rather than the emotional impact a physical action would have on you. I do not regret kissing you, I found the moment fun. However, I will refrain from having fun at your emotional exspense. Basically, I just want our friendship to flow and be free of animosity. I just thought I would clarify- because I do not go around kissing every girl, but I do chose to have a good time whenever I can."

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