He's got the wrong Antonella...

I would first like to say I'm glad I found you. If you are indeed Antonella Lombardi from Buenos Aires with blond hair that used to live in New York. I want to say I apologize whole heartedly for my part of "moving out". The truth is I cared about very much and I always have since I met you. You and your mother Rita were so nice to me inviting me in to your family, trying to make me a part of it. But at that time I just couldn't I wanted my freedom, to explore taste life and what not. I still do...but I'm more mature. I took your moms advise on many things...... But I've been haunted in this respect, the way I left in the middle of the night the arguments ect.. ect...I quite literally didn't know what I had until I had lost it.

You were warm with me when I first got to New York. and I was scared as hell, I really was. I've learned that venganza does not equal redemption. It just leaves you empty...I thought the world of your mom, she's intelligent, beautiful and very passionate about life. You should be very proud of her as I'm so sure you are, she had the guts to leave it all in Buenos Aires to start a new in New York USA a very "hard city" like she said and make a life. I sincerely hope she found that special some one.

Antonella Lombardi I guess since you probably won't respond I'll say this...I always liked you, very much,,I thought it was soo cool your music 60's style Bob Dylan and Punk your photography. I wanted to get in to or understand your world, find out who you are. I know you had great friends in BA and loves..I hope your ankle is healed from your fall of horse back I think you were playing polo or something or rather. and I hope you get on again. I have apicture of you in my head.Funny enough it's the black and white of you and your family,... your smiling I little photo i used to stare at when know one is looking.. Your gorgeous and always will be for me.

You know I really understand you must really hate me...it is a big regret of mine and I'll live with it. But I thought you ought to know how many nights I've been agonizing over the way things went in the end. And past behaviour is an indication of future behavior...however if you create new behaviour you create a new future. I have changed my life and I've seen a phycologist and I'm better. I was too "protected" and sheltered living in a cage and the freedom was too decadent.

I wanted to tell you who I really was but I had to be sure..I've been looking for sooo long to say forgive me.

I's me Alfredo your ex roommate when we lived in Riverdale NY.

Alfredo de Vela's my stage name.
PS Actually I really do have a Nikon and it's my little hobby.
PS: I'm nice and neat now jeje and I'm moving to Miami

God help me, I wish you well
Sorry Rita, Bye Bye Antonella
I love you guys.


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