crazy brain...err, train

Get comfy..this is gonna be a barn burner...

First let me say you're the most fun, cute marmoset i've ever met and I heart you. :) So here's some facts that I want you to know i've been thinking about all day...

- Never have you ever expected me to do anything but care about you and be fun.

- You've never insulted who I am or made me feel bad for who i am...from day one on our marathon phone calls to you writing you're so cool on a cocktail napkin, to this very day you still make me feel so fucking cool.

- You are the one girl I've ever known who loved my crazy brain and all the silly jokes and what not that go with it.

- You've always supported my talents...always believed in me.

- You've shown me respect and valued my help every time I've given it to you. You showed that respect by coming to me first for any trouble you've ever had because you knew deep down I'd go to the wall for you. to the wall and beyond every time.

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