tell me you love me, come back and haunt me

I'm so sorry, I know we'll never talk again, my heart is broken, I miss you already, and hurting you will always be the most regretful thing I've ever done in my life. I want you to know from this point on I'll never lie to you ever again, I'm saying that just in case tens years down the road we might talk again. There's only one way I can do that I think, by telling you everything, also this is going to help take your heart break away because you'll realize that I'm not worth your tears.

When I said it only happen once with zoe I lied, it happened a couple of times.

I made out with three other girls randomly.

I made out with my x-girlfriend that night BNO played.

The only way I can explain why I did what I did, was because I thought you were doing it too. I have been fucked up ever since we broke up, I haven't been myself, and I've been doing things without thinking. I never cheated on you, and never was even tempted, you were my girl and no one compared. I love you, and always will, and I'll be here waiting for you, if you ever forgive me. Even if it's in 20 years. Maybe this was the only way it could end between us, and get us to move on, so I guess for you its for the best. If your ever bummed or lonely or feel sad, I want you to know there will always be some one thinking about you, some one still in love with you. Bye xxxxoooo

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