Reason number 2442 not to make out with a german...

I want ask then _____ and ______ will maybe visit you in summer if i could come too. Cause _______, _______ and I want perhaps take a trip from New York over Saint Louis to Chicago. After that little trip we´ll came to Toronto and look at you. Please say yes, honey and don´t break my heart.

J I´ll try to be really reserved honey.

With best wishes
Wath a bad day!!!

Our boss "Willi-animal" (ofcause it´s not his real name) is so in a bad mood. I think he had a bad dream or eat something wrong. I don´t know. The day is so bad, I jelled at Sarah. Ok, she nervs but jelling. it´s not my thing. Our trainee would be fired today. Nice. I wonder why when everybody have one person to jelling every conflict between the others are gone? yesterday nothing to do and today you can´t look of paperwork. But that's not so bad then it´s not boring.

Hope for weekend. I´m so sexy. ißm soooooo sexy. ißm a sexy man, with my sexy body… I´ve baught me a tie. I´m so sexy.

cu sweetheart.

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