.anti climactic.

listen, i was just getting home from tonite and thought that i'd write you a quick message before i cuddled up into bed here... anyways i'm super sorry i didnt' get any of your calls and all... as soon as i got home from my grandmother's i ended up taking off with my friend ___.
so anyhow i'm just getting home here now and wishing i could have caught you at some point... but hopefully i can talk to you maybe sometime tomorrow..?? you should give me a call on your drive into your internship..?? maybe if you're not busy after we can hook up..?? well i'm not sure what you have planned for the weekend and all.. but give me a call i'd love to see you again... alright well i hope you're sleeping very sound... maybe.... maybe i miss seeing you... *teehee*... alright... well nite gorgeous. xoxo.

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