the whole truth and nothing but the truth

so saying that things are pretty fucked up between you and me would be somewhat of an understatement at this point... i just want to tell you that i am very willing to be an adult and will talk to you anytime. there is just one thing i want to point out and that is... if you would have been up front with me from the get go this wouldn't be that big of a deal to me. but you kept
deceiving me, by not telling me the whole truth. that doesnt justify my actions. i thought that things between you and me might be going somewhere and had no idea how much you wanted to be with *****. i was under the impression that things between you and him had cooled off, since thats what you told me that night when you were down here with ****** and *****. nothing could make what i did acceptable, and i am utterly ashamed and 100% sorry. i cant say sorry enough. remember when you and ***** broke up and you called me because you needed someone to tell you how amazing you are, well as unbelievable as it may seem im still the person to call if you ever need to hear that...

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