5 years later

It's me Alfredo :) Your ex roommate.. I always wanted to maintain a friendship with you. Over all the past years I have thought about you and Rita. Maybe you can add me here and we can say hi from time to time? I have graduated university and started my own Internet business. I'm trying to be a success and make a difference. Anyways I miss you.

Alfredo "Freddy"
Un Abrazo

*Editor's Note: I received an email from this random guy five years ago, while I was in college. I thought someone from my program had sent it to me as a joke, knowing I would probably open it in class. A friend read it out loud and we all laughed. I recently changed my status to New York, NY on Facebook and received the above email from the SAME guy summing up the huge email he had sent me years ago. I responded with "honestly, you still have the wrong Antonella" Check out the original email here. Poor guy, I hope he finds her.

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