street fighting man

I just got mugged hard in Phnom Pemh== beat to hell; destroyed shirt, broken fingers and stolen phone. Details when I am on a decent computer. Ouch!
I found the guy and brought two bamboo shoots-- didnt matter. He disliked me more than I disliked him-- my body feels like shit.


ya= walking home, pilled out. on my phone. he came up and asked if i wanted a moto taxi and just started punching me. i landed one on him, beefore he had me on my back, kicking my chest, back and face. thought i was going to die. didnt get my camera though. i got up and ran towards his friend on the moto bike-- he pulled out a big butcher machete cleaver. i ran after the moto like an idiot. finally grabbed 2 bamboo sticks and went to the snooker club where the gangs hang out. that was foolish. i had a shirt completely ripped down the front-- juist fucked up and sleeves. bare chested. i dropped one stick, while arguing with some guy-- there were 40. then, the guy spotted me before i saw him and he came up and punched me. i hit him with the bamboo stick, before he bowled me over and everyone pulled him off me. i said, i just want my phone. 20 dollars? its a phone that a girl at my work let me borrow. he ran at me again-- i finally just walked home.

2 broken fingerss-- big bandages on chest., back and eye. i was dumb to go back and look for it. in a country this poor, those in poverty have no consequences. if they would have killed me, who would have cared-- scary world.

least they didnt get my camera. i cant type with my hand all fucked.

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